Lamudi Optimized Its Mobile App

Adjie Priambada - 6 May 2015

Lamudi recently renewed its mobile app to make it easier for property seekers to purchase or rent on the go properties. This latest version has already been available for Indonesian market, one of Lamudi’s fundamental markets in developing countries. Within the new version, Lamudi offers much better performance, from optimizing the app size to introducing a new push notification feature.

Globally, Lamudi has gathered no less that 900 thousand properties listed in its database. As for the Indonesian market, Lamudi Indonesia has successfully added 210 thousand listings into its database after one year of operation. Through this update, Lamudi attempts to offer even better experience for its users. In Indonesia, both iOS and Android version of the app have been released since a year ago.

In the press release we reveived, Lamudi Global’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Kian Moini stated, “Everyone in the real estate industry knows how important it is to be mobile. This is especially applied in developing market in which we operate, where smartphone penetration goes up and the demand for mobile internet service keeps rocketing. That’s why we focus on mobile – to ensure that Lamudi gives high quality app which fulfill various demands of property seekers in developing countries.”

In this latest version, Lamudi guarantees better app performance since it optimizes the storage and app size. Thus, the Android and iOS version of the app (which is compatible with the latest Android Lollipop) can be downloaded faster.

One of optimized features is the search feature which enables users to filter the search result according to the country the property is located. Lamudi has also renewed the detail of interface design of the Saved Search Page. In addition, it also optimized the match alert feature which notifies users as soon as any property that fits their requirements pops out.

Another optimized feature would be a feature which allows users to contact the agent through the stored e-mail contact. They may also create a list of favorite properties that can be accessed at anytime and shared to families and friends through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mails.

Every listing on Lamudi’s database is presented with high resolution images, detailed information of the listing, map of the property, and other information detail like the contact of property owners and agents. However, we still found a number of not-so-high-quality images.

It seems that Lamudi needs to fix the login-with-Facebook-account feature. When I tried connecting it with Facebook, the session was apparently too short. When I tries re-connecting, notification of failed connection often popped out. This was confusing since when I didn’t get connected, I could surf the internet pretty well.

Lamudi Indonesia also attempted to go head to head with existing players in the industry in terms of listing and traffic. They also eye for more cities in Indonesia this year.

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