Lazada Announces New Office and Additional Feature for Seller and Consumer

Including Chat Now feature, business analysis, and store builder

Yenny Yusra - 24 May 2018

In providing more benefits for sellers and consumers, Lazada e-commerce comes with a new feature. With the hashtag #LazNgobrolYuk, Lazada Indonesia has launched a ChatNow feature to facilitate sellers and consumers.

This feature bound to convince potential customers by live communication through the app. It can also be used to build positive relationships. By that means, sales can be easier and more transparent by appreciating customer service.

"Lazada wants the sellers to provide better customer service not only offline but also offline. Therefore, we launch the chat feature," Haikal Bekti Anggoro, Head of Digital Marketing of Lazada Indonesia, claimed.

Moreover, Lazada Indonesia also provide select new features for sellers. Among those are, store builder, business analysis involving data analytics for potential clients wishlist and sales performance in desktop and application.

"In the business analysis, sellers can view the consumer's behavior and how a store can give bonuses, discounts, and vouchers to users based on data analytics prepared by Lazada Indonesia," Felicia Natalie Wijaya, Head Seller Service & Training of Lazada Indonesia, said.

New office

Lazada Indonesia has moved to a new office in Capital Place Building, South Jakarta. The two-floored office comes with auditorium, lounge, dining room, and working space with open space concept.

Filled with blue and natural colors, Lazada's signature, the new office has a wide space and designed to comfort and accommodate the increasing number of employees.

Flash Sale

Achmad Alkatiri – CMO Lazada Indonesia

One of the regular activities held by Lazada Indonesia is Flash Sale. It is to sell products from selected brands in short period. Despite the benefits for sellers to increasing sales, there are many who took advantage of this event by purchasing loads of goods, but most of them are not the end consumers.

"We've heard of the middlemen existence who perform such activities. However, it can be assured with our tight filtering process, we've anticipated such consumers," Achmad Alkatiri, CMO of Lazada Indonesia, said.

In this case, Lazada Indonesia will cancel the order of more than one items and set a limit for purchase. They also denied any allegation regarding Flash Sale that only provides limited items.

"We can assure by the time the Flash Sale start, thousands of products are available. If it sells fast, we ensure the reason was not a lack of stock," Alkatiri said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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