LinkAja Partners with the Government of Banyuwangi

The Banyuwangi government and its SMEs to use LinkAja as a payment method - 23 July 2019

LinkAja is making another penetration to increase its user growth. It is an e-money product supported by some state-owned enterprises, partnered up with the Government of Banyuwangi for SME’s regional income payment. LinkAja as a payment method is expected to improve the quality of public services.

The partnership of LinkAja with the Government of Banyuwangi happened at the same time with the launch of Micro Credit Program (KPR) of State-owned Banks (Himbara) in Banyuwangi. From now on, Banyuwangi’s regional income can be paid through LiankAja.

To date, LinkAja has acquired 100 agents in Banyuwangi and will keep counting along with the plan to acquire local SMEs, such as stall owners, phone counters, and others.

“A partnership for payment digitization with the government of Banyuwangi is a real deal on our mission to provide financial service for everyone in order to increase financial inclusion and the work of  National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT),” LinkAja’s CEO, Danu Wicaksana.

He added, “We expect the strategic partnership can help the merchants to start the digital economy innovation to meet the Banyuwangi people needs and preference for shifting through e-money service in daily transaction.”

LinkAja targets 40 million users this year. In the effort to achieve the target, they’re preparing new plans, including a pilot project for some basic needs, such as train ticket, toll, remittance, and gas bill.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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