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Prayogo Ryza - 19 March 2020

The SME business has entered a new chapter of competition. Many are using digital services through their business process. A simple one is the use of social media as a promotion channel. Aside from offering a cheaper cost, the campaign is also effective to reach more people in a short period. However, what SME players need to know, there are many other digital services to help them grow business. Here are the list of some products/services to empower the SMEs.

E-Commerce platform

Nowadays, who has never shopped through e-commerce? E-commerce industry and services have quite rapid development for the past 10 years. Many useful features are launched, many beneficial integrations are performed. For business players or SMEs, e-commerce is one option to connect with buyers, wherever they are. In addition, the complaint mechanism has its own marginal advantage, because basically e-commerce puts the safety of sellers and buyers in their ecosystem. Here is the list of some e-commerce platforms:

Transaction system or POS

The POS (Point of Sales) system or service is an important part of a business. It can be very useful for stalls, cafes, restaurants, or in any form related to transaction recording. Today, SMEs or businesses do not need to develop their own software because there are many have provided for them. In the form of SaaS, or simply put, users only have to subscribe to an account. Some providers are even integrated with payment systems and other systems. Users can also manage some lines through one account, monitoring one sale through one dashboard. The following are POS providers that can be used by businesses or SMEs.

Employee Management

One of the challenges of SME business is developing a system to manage employees. There must be a system to record neatly and easy to manage. Since the digital startup industry began to flourish, services offering employee management have risen. Not only the employee profile records, but the offered system can also handle the term of attendance, leave, salary, to managerial forms of other employees. Here are some digital services SME can use to manage their employees.


Are you starting an SME business that requires a logistics or warehouse management system? Difficulties in developing a shipping and warehousing system? Having trouble finding the simplest way of shipping goods? All these problems are questions all logistics startups trying to solve. The developed and offered system is the answer, integration and delivery management system are provided to help businesses and SMEs despite the difficulty in the logistics sector. The following is a list of startups that provide digital solutions in logistics.

Financial Management

One of the reasons for businesses or SMEs’ failure is poor financial management. Starting from recording transactions to the whole financing. When paper records are no longer effective and special software is required for an easier and cheaper process, many startups begin to see this opportunity. The following names are found as an integrated financial recording solution, the same goal, helping businesses and SMEs in financial management, therefore, they can focus more on business management and future plans. The following is a list of startups that present financial management solutions for SMEs.

Capital Funding

Capital is an important part of business or SMEs. Not only to start but also to develop. Usually, the bank is one way out for this capital issue. Luckily, there are many options to raise capital with a variety of amounts. Two of them are P2P lending and equity crowdfunding models. One is given a loan, one gets capital by “selling shares” to several investors through a platform. The following is a list to support businesses and SMEs for capital funding.

E-commerce enabler

One of the advantages of digital solutions is integration. When you’ve been given a list of e-commerce platforms that can help SMEs develop their business before, here is a list of services that provide a dashboard or a page to manage sales on various platforms. Complete with data management and features designed to manage massive sales in one place. Often referred to as E-commerce enabler. Here’s the list:


Everything will eventually go digital. Currently, there is a solution for the tax management process, because there happens to be a startup offering its management services. Once again, this could be one solution for SMEs to pay taxes regularly. Here’s the list:


As an SME business that connects with buyers through online channels, of course, a fast response is mandatory. In addition, informative act and polite language is a must. In the business phase that develops one or two employees will certainly feel difficult, and chatbot turns into a solution. Chatbot is a technology, where there is a system that is able to answer buyers’ chat automatically. Standard questions such as availability, price, and the how-to-purchase issue can be answered in just seconds. This is certainly important for SMEs who need an effective system. Here are some startups that offer easy chatbot development solutions.

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