LiteBIG Messenger Still Has A Long Way to Go

Michael Erlangga - 23 October 2014

After RightHere Messenger and Stealth Messenger, another local messaging app is about to set sail in Indonesian startup scene. LiteBIG Messenger, which is only applicable on Android platform for the time being, can now be downloaded from Baidu’s Mobomarket.

One of the app’s features enables users to create group which may consist up to 1000 members. Interestingly, the app allows users to re-edit their messages even after they send them. This is to avoid any misunderstanding between users. They may also attach various types of documents to their messages, something which becomes another attracting point of this app whose project was just started in the end of last year.

Unfortunately, its wasn’t a nice first impression that I got when trying this LiteBIG Messenger for the first time. I'ts the combination of font, color, and wallpaper for the interface that didn’t impress me at all. It was a mess. Just take a look at below picture to clarify my words.

It is very well understood that the app intends to show the Indonesian values by using various Indonesian natural attraction as its wallpaper, however it disturbs my convenience. The disturbing wallpaper even appears in chatting column and main header. However, LiteBIG Messenger offers ten alternative static colors to substitute the disturbing wallpaper in the chatting column.

As what similar messengers have, LiteBIG Messenger has three main navigation, i.e Contacts, Recent Chats, and Updates. In Contacts, users may look at other users that they’ve added as their friends. In Recent Chats, they may see their own chatting history. In Updates, users may look at the latest information and activities of their added friends.

Just like any other messengers, LiteBIG Messenger also provides various emoticons. In this regard, the app takes blue as the main color of its emoticons, which gives them more expressive look and differentiates them with other similar emoticons.

LiteBIG Messenger also lacks of options which limit users setting up their own interface, let alone the disturbing default interface. Users can’t change their ringtone, chatting history, font size, and many others. Should LiteBIG fail to fix this issue, the app would be even left behind, concerning that other local messengers are enjoying a fruitful growth at the moment.

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