Suherman joined DealKeren long before the company got acquired by LivingSocial, previously he was a business consultant at A.T Kearney right after he graduated from Stanford. As the CEO of one of the first daily deals site in Indonesia, Suherman was tasked to educate the market about the whole daily deals business. It’s no walk in the park. And under his command, DealKeren has far left their competitions behind in the local market.

DealKeren itself was a part of a bigger daily deals site network called Ensogo (active in Thailand and the Philippines). In June 2011, Ensogo group got acquired by Washington-based daily deals site LivingSocial. In part of the acquisition, DealKeren rebrands into LivingSocial Indonesia and change their web design inline with LivingSocial’s website plus a local taste.

This year (2012), the concept of daily deals site is known to most urban people, but it seems that the interest is decreasing overtime. This can be seen by the increasing number of deals presented, responded by a decreasing number of deals taken. We also learned that LivingSocial has closed their branch offices outside Jakarta to further focus the team.

On a press conference a year ago, Suherman claims 65% marketshare owned by LivingSocial with $250k (and growing) monthly revenue. At that time, a deal from two ice cream companies sold 15k vouchers on the site. These days, it’s almost impossible to come up with a deal that reaches that number.

The slowing market growth and revenue could be the reason why Suherman left the post and go find himself another adventure.

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