MailTarget Receives Seed Funding From Azure Ventures and Angel Investor

Will be mostly used for expanding the team

Amir Karimuddin - 11 December 2017

MailTarget, SaaS startup focused on email marketing automation announces two seed funding in 2017 with unspecified amount. First comes from Azure Ventures and the second one is from an undisclosed angel investor. The funding focuses on developing product and expanding team, sales and marketing in particular.

"The funding is necessary in developing Sales, Marketing and Customer Success team; and running our purpose, to 'digitalize Indonesia'. It means a lot of education for Indonesian SMEs," MailTarget's Co-Founder and CEO Yopie Suryadi said.

MailTarget, established in late 2016 by Yopie Suryadi, Masas Dani and Johan Tahardi, is claimed to have good growth phase. Suryadi told DailySocial, they have 730 paid clients and capable to cover operations by its revenue.

Suryadi mentioned, "Enterprise indeed a big market, yet popular by its rocky steps, it also takes a numerous resources and funding to educate. Entering enterprise market needs certain strategy to survive.

"For technical team, [..] we will not add too many developers to help other features development," he added.

Meanwhile, Azure Ventures is practically new in Indonesia's startup industry. Without mentioning the amount of funding managed, they ensure focus on investing in SaaS sector.

Felix Setyomulyono, Azure Ventures' Managing Partner, about this funding said, "SaaS startup will rise in one or two years in Indonesia due to their capability in solving business process problem to make an impact in company's performance."

Future plans

MailTarget founders

Suryadi said the team will continue to innovate in performance and has reached 300 mails per second delivery speed.

"Every landing page created can use own domain and be set to Google Analytics ID also Facebook Pixel for retargeting ads, as they are now currently trending," he said.

In the future, MailTarget is said to be all-in-one device to help enterprises in digital marketing. Suryadi also mentions the use of machine learning technology for product development.

He said machine learning system will help users to measure its digital market performance. MailTarget will also develop digital personal assistant to recommend users and perform machine learning-based simple email activities.

Suryadi and team optimist in welcoming 2018. "We build MailTarget due to the developed business and products. In business, we will try to achieve BEP in 2018," he finished.

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