MTARGET Introduces Oneblink to Help SMEs with Online Shopping Page

Prayogo Ryza - 26 July 2020

MTarget, known as a startup that offers marketing solutions and automation tools, has launched Oneblink. A digital platform to help SMEs create pages for their products. The objective is to facilitate business players easy way to show its products to potential customers.

“Oneblink is a tool to create a mini-website for online catalogs and business menu without any difficult coding. It only takes time to register, enter the business links, then publish. Instantly, the digital marketing asset is ready,” MTARGET’s Founder & CEO Yopie Suryadi explained.

He further explained, through Oneblink, users can attach links such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, GrabFood, GoFood, and so on. They will also be facilitated to directly choose and buy domains for their business.

“First of all, it’s because of this pandemic. All businesses are being ‘forced’ to go digital. The digital adoption wave that used to be slow, is now getting rapid. It has to be digital or left behind. Also, there are many new businesses that arose during this pandemic. At least they must have a digital identity first. Then, learn how to do ads on social media and understand what to do these ads,” Yopie continued.

Oneblink’s features already exist in the MTARGET platform, however, to reach more users outside the corporation or enterprise MTARGET finally introduces Oneblink as another vertical focused on SMEs.

“Oneblink remains under MTARGET for now. We made this tool so easy that it could become a low-touch SaaS,” Yopi continued.

Oneblink leading feature

The concepts and features in Oneblink are not new. Face to face services like Linktree. However, Yopie is quite optimistic about Oneblink. There are also some excellent features such as unlimited links, domain customization, templates, embedded pixels, analytics, and others.

“[the differentiator] First, of course, local support. Our team is ready to help. Then on this Oneblink template can be sent to other users, therefore, it will open up opportunities for designers to design template services. From the technical side, this landing page builder feature has been very complete,” he explained.

The journey of Oneblink as one of MTARGET products is still long, they said the focus will be on product development and UI / UX, also continue on their mission to help more SMEs go digital.

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