Next November, Maaduu Is Going to Re-Launch Its Services in Indonesia

Michael Erlangga - 16 October 2014

Korea’s premium video channel Maaduu is reportedly preparing itself to re-launch its services in Indonesia this coming November. This is a part of Maaduu’s attempts to penetrate the Southeast Asian market, after previously being re-launched in Malaysia earlier this month. The platform itself has just been acquired by SyQic last August.

SyQic is an England-based video channel provider which allows its users to access its content via any kinds of available device. The company claimed that its business in Indonesia has experienced a wonderful enhancement ever since the new regulation for the industry was implemented back in 2013. By acquiring Maaduu, SyQic aims to strengthen its position in Asia’s internet-based video market.

Before re-launching its services in Indonesia next November, Maaduu has already been re-launched and broadcast live in Malaysia last Sunday (12/10). The re-launching includes Maaduu’s re-branding. Maaduu also reset its core of strategy for the rest of the year.

As London South East has it, Maaduu decided to re-launch its services because the platform has failed to provide users with updated Korean content, as it lacked the support from the previous owner of SyQic. Moreover, the re-branding also aims to enhance the proportion of Japanese content, since that’s what actually most of its users look for.

After the re-launching, Maaduu is predicted to gain significant increase of its revenue, thanks to the cross-selling scheme from another SyQic’s flagship, Yoonic. In this regard, SyQic’s offer is more varied since it classifies the content based on their own demography.

FYI, Maaduu holds the broadcasting right from two of Korea’s biggest three media. Thus, Maaduu has the privilege to broadcast the most updated Korean drama and latest K-Pop music video. These content are apparently most of Indonesian teens’ favorite, and it is clearly reflected from the fact that its Facebook Page is filled with these active fans sharing interacting between each other.

In Indonesia, Maaduu will have its battle against Singapore-based Viki, which serves pretty much the same. As a matter of fact, the number of Viki’s consumers in Indonesia is so high that Indonesia is dubbed as one of Viki’s most potential market along with the U.S. and Canada. This shows that Korean content has its own throne here in Indonesia.

“We are really excited to re-launch Maaduu’s services right after the acquirement processes which affected its portfolio. Currently, Maaduu has around 850,000 users and 3,3 Facebook fans. We are extremely sure that consumers will respond this re-launching positively,” Jamal Hassim, SyQic’s CEO, stated in his press release.

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