NusaTalent to Build Up Team and Aquire Users After Seed Funding

Receiving from Salim Group after graduate from SKALA accelerator program

NusaTalent, a tech company connecting fresh graduate with hiring companies, has graduated from SKALA accelerator program of Strive and Innovation Factory. After receiving seed funding from Salim Group, NusaTalent is to use it for team building and user acquisition.

Steven Gouw as the Co-founder said, after its launching in 2018, they had a promising improvement, in terms of registered fresh graduates or the partnered companies. The user growth is said to reach tens of thousands.

"We've partnered up with over 200 companies in Jabodetabek and 50 universities more to this August. It works well as we're organizing some activities, such as seminar and digital job fair," he added.

He mentioned as digital job fair becoming one of the on-demand events in university for adopting the paperless concept, without having to bring printed CV and application letter, it's considered practical and efficient.

"We adopt the paperless concept so that during the job fair, the applicants may download, register, complete the profile and apply through the company QR Code. Each company will do the follow up after the digital job fair ended," he added.

Almost a year goes by, NusaTalent still striving for business growth. They just graduate from SKALA accelerator program and receive fresh funding from Salim Group. The experience and investment are to be used for a better and bigger team to support business growth.

"The raised funding is to be focused on a bigger team on business and technology, also make a commitment to reach more universities in all over Indonesia. In the future, NusaTalent will keep forming good connections with thousands of companies for better recruitment ecosystem. It also to help fresh graduates to meet their first job. They also have a commitment to help universities in observing their graduates career," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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