Official: Yahoo! to Shut Its Office in Indonesia by The End of This Year

Adjie Priambada - 20 December 2014

All those rumours finally come into reality. Yahoo has confirmed that they will shut their offices in several Southeast Asian countries, including the one in Indonesia by the end of this year. The trend has been started, as TechCrunch reported, by the closing of the office in Ho Chi Minh City in the third quarter of this year.

Yahoo Southeast Asia’s official statement suggested, “We’ve told our employees in Indonesia about this unwanted decision of closing the office in Indonesia by the end of this year. The decision is a part of Yahoo’s global attempt to substract the operation in order to run more efficient, collaborative, and more innovative.”

Actually this situation’s been predicted for a while, particularly given the fact that the Country Manager and Sales Director positions have been left unoccupied since Roy Simangunsong resigned last January. Moreover, Yahoo is also rumored to be focusing more on the U.S market rather than Southeast Asian market, and that the giant would centralize its business in the region to Singapore.

Yahoo also expressed its gratitude to all its employees in Indonesia, thanking them for all their dedication and hard work. The internet titan further emphasized that it wouldn’t completely leave Indonesia though its office in the country exists no more.

“Yahoo still commits itself to Indonesia and we’ll keep enriching the people here with quality products and better experience. All those excellence would be carried on from our office in Singapore.”

In Indonesia, Yahoo has actually established two business lines, which are the news management by the editorial team and ads slots by the marketing team. However, given the fact that Google and Facebook are way more popular, it’s undeniably hard for the company to penetrate the market, although actually it doesn’t completely lose its charm among the Indonesian netizens.

Still according to the official statement, Yahoo promises that it would treat its ex-employees in Indonesia justly with full respect. Some are even offered to be relocated, even though Yahoo refused to disclose about the exact number of its ex-employees  in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam who would get this privilege.

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