Online Furniture Startups Join Indonesia’s E-Commerce Industry

Nowadays, online shopping may help you find nearly everything, and furniture and home or office decor aren’t an exception. Not only to spoil their users, some players in this segment even encourage local producers by displaying their products on their online shops.

Going along with the positive trend of e-commerce industry in Indonesia, the segment of furniture and decor indeed is something currently infant. However, the potential it holds is unquestionably promising. Livaza comes as one of pioneers that just sealed a funding couple of months ago, followed by Fabelio whose investment was more recent. Both secured the money shortly after being firstly introduced. More players would well mean stricter yet more positive competition available.

Below are eight online furniture marketplace in Indonesia that compete for the industry:


Livaza is a pioneer of furniture category in Indonesia. The team assist part time designers who want to make their designs come true. Livaza upholds made-to-order concept which provides various furniture needs, both for retail and B2B markets.


Just like Livaza, Fabelio also bridges designers and consumers. Being based on community, Fabelio encourages interior designers to be its own contributors. Fabelio is gonna handle the production and distribution activity, while it is the designers who take care of the designs and type of products.


JYSK comes from Denmark. Its offline stores have been opened in Indonesia since 2014, offering Scandinavian style of daily products. The website now offers eight main cetegories, with all products can be purchased using Rupiah.


BeliFurniture offers more than nine thousand office furnitures from various famous brands, which are grouped into seven categories. The team partner with expedition services that may deliver your order to any city in Indonesia.


Kikayu claims that it has more competitive rate. Having offices as its target, Kikayu offers free delivery service to customers in DKI Jakarta. Kikayu is currently entering home dining set products.


Furnishlab offers not only furnitures, but also various unique decor products, some are even handmade. On its website, customers may also seek for various lamp types and baby products at affordable price.


As Livaza and Fabelio, Vurnisio is a marketplace that facilitates creative workers and customers. In its current beta version, Vurnisio is targeting decor segment. News is that the team will also cover household products later on.


DecaDeco is managed by interior designers. The team claimed that they’re quite selective while displaying products on their marketplace. It’s not always about sales, DecaDeco also aims to educate people and provide free recommendation for its customers.

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