Otomo Receives Another Seed Funding and Rebranding

Plans to launch an app, expand, and add up some activity services and tour packages

Yenny Yusra - 27 June 2019

Automo luxury vehicle rental platform just had rebranding into Otomo and received seed funding, starting from last year, worth $145,000 (over 2 billion Rupiah) from Prestige Corp Indonesia, a Singapore-based vehicle and travel company, and an angel investor who stays undisclosed.

Previously, Otomo has secured 1 billion Rupiah from Startup SG and grant from Enterprise Singapore worth of 300 million Rupiah. The startup intends to raise follow on round for additional funding to the end of this year.

To DailySocial, Otomo’s founder, Charles Lin said, the company plans to launch a mobile app which currently on development. After rebranding, the focus is to accelerate marketing, improving brand awareness, and to acquire more users.

“We have done the registration process for PT Automo Teknologi Indonesia. The rebranding is part of our preparation to make Otomo as the company’s global identity,” he said.

Extend the coverage

Otomo is now available in some first-tier cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. Using the fresh fund, the company is to extend the service coverage and adds up talents to accelerate business.

In order to provide better services, Otomo begins to introduce long-term rental. They also set new vehicle options, not only cars but also minibus and other big buses for corporate consumers.

“The other services we’ve offered including activity service and tour package related to the automotive industry, such as Pulau Komodo experience using a yacht or boat, or the guide in Bali using cars,” Lin added.

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