PT MRT Jakarta and Go-Jek to Develop Non-Ticket and Mobile Payment

Offers payment without ticket (non farebox business) and mobile payment

Yenny Yusra - 24 May 2018

In an objective to provide payment options without ticketing (non-farebox business) and mobile payment for Jakarta MRT, PT MRT Jakarta partners with Go-Jek Indonesia. Establishing the partnership, William P. Sabandar, President Director of PT. MRT Jakarta, with Andre Soelistyo, President of Go-Jek, have signed the MoU.

Not only providing payment options for MRT passengers, this development will be available in the station and MRT sites include some related buildings inside and around the area.

Amidst the approach, the agreement between Go-Jek and PT MRT Jakarta covers two things. It includes management concept preparing the implementation-based non-farebox business and mobile payment development study in the stations and Jakarta MRT sites area. Another thing is an arrangement study for the proof of mobile payment integration concept, and create a panel discussion with product knowledge updates.

Later, when the process has been finalized, users making a transaction using mobile payment will no longer need physical tickets. The cost will be included in the package, completed with other transportation models without having to pay separately.

The realization is set to be next year. By April 30, 2018, the whole Jakarta MRT progress has reached 93,33% for flyover (90,45%) and underpass (90,23%) construction.

Go-Jek has already have its own Go-Pay (mobile payment) with more than 10 million users. They are now preparing for payment outside Go-Jek platform after obtaining QR Code license for payment in various merchants.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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