Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have competed to create devices that are not only highly functional but also stylish and compatible with users’ urban lifestyles. Samsung Electronics is no exception.

The South Korean firm is looking to globally release six mobile accessories that were previously only available for the domestic market. The following items are expected to be available in Samsung retail stores and online shops worldwide starting in November, although the prices have not yet been announced.

Wireless speaker bottle

Samsung’s unique wireless speaker bottle.(Samsung Newsroom/File)

This bottle-shaped device is actually a wireless speaker with the capability of delivering even 360-degree sound. Its LED body, which Samsung claims has a total 16 million shades of light, can be customized by manually shaking it or controlling it through a mobile application. The device’s battery lasts up to four hours when both the music and lighting features are being used.

Wireless charger tray

Samsung’s useful wireless charger tray.(Samsung Newsroom/File)

This 17.8 mm thick wireless tray-shaped charger is designed to complete the homeware look along with the wireless speaker bottle. This tray can charge up to three devices at once, with two wireless charger spots and one cable port charger available.

Battery pack kettle

Samsung’s cute battery pack kettle.(Samsung Newsroom/File)

This coral pink or mint blue-colored power bank is offered in two options: 5.100 mAh or 10.200 mAh. They come with a wrist strap and kickstand cable that will allow users to keep their mobile in an upright position while charging.

USB LED light

Samsung’s tiny USB LED light. (Samsung Newsroom/File)

This USB LED light is designed to accompany the kettle-shaped battery pack. Its light will turn on when it is plugged into the power bank’s USB port, turning both devices into a torch.

Wireless speaker scoop

Samsung’s eye-catching wireless speaker scoop.(Samsung Newsroom/File)

Along with the bottle-shaped speaker, the electronic company also plans to release a portable, easy-to-carry, scoop-shaped speaker. The waterproof speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone that enables users to receive calls through the device.

In-ear headphones

Samsung’s latest in-ear headphones.(Samsung Newsroom/File)

The rectangle-shaped in-ear headphone provides an alternative to those looking for a new headphone. The in-ear headphones, which are composed of both fabric and metal components, is equipped with the company’s signature double-layered motion technology, which reportedly provides users with high-quality sound.

Disclosure: The original article is in Indonesian and syndicated in English by The Jakarta Post

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