Sedapur Provides Payments Via KlikBCA

wiku - 12 January 2012

E-commerce service for food,, now provides payment method via KlikBCA for customers who purchased food in their site.

From the newsletter announcement that I've received, Sedapur customers are now having additional payment method beside inter-bank transfers (Mandiri and BCA Bank) by making payments directly from KlikBCA when they performs checkout process in

How? When you are on the payment page (after booking the product) you can choose to pay via KlikBCA. You will then be prompted for your KlikBCA user ID and log into the site. Later on there will be Sedapur payment option in the e-commerce payment menu on Marketplace category. A list of transactions in will appear and you can proceed with the authorization of payment using the keyBCA.

However, when I try this KlikBCA payment method, I don't find "Sedapur" the Marketplace choice category, even KlikBCA doesn't change the option list  for the Marketplace category (I use Google Chrome browser).I've logged in Sedapur and enter the same klikBCA ID, KlikBCA shows an error. Probably, KlikBCA is having a problem because when I choose another category, it also doesn't change the selection of companies.

Sedapur has been established since last mid-year. The development also won several awards such as the Nokia Fellowship, INAICTA 2011. They run some programs such as fasting month program last year, welcoming Christmas holidays and New Year program with free delivery service charge to JABODETABEK area, and welcoming lunar New Year program. This payment method could be one of the convenience alternatives for BCA customers who want to make a purchase rather than manual bank transfer.

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