Setipe Is the Most Famous Online Dating Platform in Indonesia, Nusaresearch Claimed

Nusaresearch published an interesting research on online dating websites in Indonesia. The research claimed that Setipe was the most popular dating website brand among Indonesians. Unfortunately, the research didn’t include other popular dating platforms like Wavoo, Paktor, Yogrt, or Tinder.

Nusaresearch attempted to determine the performance of the organization out of the development of brands. According to 1200 respondents, Setipe came out on top, followed by IndonesianCupid and Flirchi Indonesia.

The research also calculated the total brand awareness possessed by a product, by combining the unaided and aided percentage of certain website. The calculation result then being compared with the calculation of Ever Visited in order to get the ratio, which shows that visitors tend to re-visit certain website once their awareness grows higher.

The research suggested that in average, the Ever Visited percentage is smaller than the Brand Awareness percentage. It means that even though respondents recognize numerous dating websites, even after they get aided, their visited websites were only a few.

Moreover, the research also uncovered that Indonesians tend to be loyal to the platform they ever visit. There were only 39,5 percent of the respondents wanted to visit other platforms, while 60,5 percent of them admitted that they chose to be loyal.

Another interesting finding the research revealed was that the Indonesians who utilize online dating platforms are aged between 20-24 y.o in average. Male dominated the users with 56,6%, as female covers the rest 43,3%. It also suggested that the higher someone’s income is, he would less probably use any dating platforms.

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