Seven Things that Keep You Away From Success

One can have his own secrets of success, while some others may have another. One thing for sure; there is no single definite formula of success that flawlessly works. However, success is not a coincidence. Successful individuals work hard for themselves and their own business. They also learn to keep themselves away from these seven barriers:

1. Regrets

The most precious thing in life is to learn our lesson and be better than ever. Regretting too much will kill you in an instant.

Lawrence Ellison, ex-Oracle’s CEO, graduated from University of Illinois and worked as a programmer in California for eight years. He continued his life by doing business with his ex-boss and established the Oracle Systems Corp. Ellison was forced to pawn his house in 1980. Ten years later, after launching the 6.0 version, he lost more than $28,7 million due to the incapability of his new system in satisfying customers. In 2014, he was crowned as the third wealthiest person alive in the U.S and the fifth in the world by Forbes.

2. Jealousy

You started your business with a full load of passion and committed to do everything it takes to succeed. Yet when you face a terrible problem that it’s nearly impossible to be solved or are bombarded with newsfeed about investments sealed by other startups, jealousy fills you up.

Rather than being jealous, try this: do what they’ve done. Analyze how they did it and to what extent you can implement their method to your own business.

3. Befriend with losers

Avoid negative people. They’re venomous. It’s hard to move forward when you’re surrounded by people who always try to draw you back. Go and meet positive individuals.

4. Hesitation

It’s good to be careful, but if you’re being careful too much, it will bring you no good.

Trust your instict and experience. Don’t overthink and overanalyze. Sometimes, risks come with beautiful surprises.

5. Satisfaction

This feeling is good for your own personal happiness. But don’t let yourself digging too deep in it. Make yourself always ‘hungry’ for something bigger and much more significant.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" - Steve Jobs 

6. Full of hoax

Big dream and brilliant planning don’t guarantee that your startup will have no barrier to success. Make sure that you have a clear vision to succeed. If you let yourself talking too much about your ideas without doing any concrete action to make it happen, then no one else to be blamed when your business sinks other than yourself.

7. Relating success to money

An old saying stated that “Money can’t buy happiness”. This actually fits what we should have in mind when doing business. Most of us still associate success to having loads of money, and it’s wrong.

Focus on serving the best to customers, produce better products, inspire others. There are million ways to measure success, and relating success to money just isn’t one of them.

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