Sidebeep App Facilitates Consumer to Find Curated Services

Planning a city expansion and finished the app with the current technology

Kristin Siagian - 22 March 2019

Looking for high quality and trusted services might be difficult, usually it requires recommendation from colleagues due to trust issue. It doesn't happen to only a few, but most people including Sidebeep Founder & CEO, Henry Sutioso. It inspired him to release Sidebeep service marketplace.

The business model is quite simple, gathering service providers in one. There are several categories available, from tattoo artist, custom motorcycle, premium sneakers laundry, mobile spa, premium waterless carwash home service, make up artist, trip organizer, gadget repair, fashion & accesories repair, and many more.

Sidebeep's CMO, Yogi Apriandi said these service providers are already passed the curation process. Starts from administrative data of prospective providers online, the interview process via phone to find out more about provider's experience. We need to know how long they've been running business, how many transactions have been made, and the customers.

"In the final stage, there's survey to their locations, in case they've meet the standard or not. It means, every provider in Sidebeep must be professional. Either it's personal or a brand," he said to DailySocial.

He said that currently, there are 100 service providers in average joining Sidebeep, most of them are in Jakarta. In total, the current users are around 10,000 since the general launching in November 2018.

"Many users feel satisfied with our service because they really don't have to bother coming to an outlet for repair, or laundry. Although some people aren't really satisfied, It only becomes more challenging to make innovations."

Business plan this year

He continued, during this year, Sidebeep will start to expand to various major cities outside Jakarta, due to the rapid development of lifestyle. In addition, the demand to contribute for more people. In terms of technology, it'll be finalized. They want to assure the best experience in selling or booking a service.

Each category in Sidebeep app will be designed according to its characteristic. Moreover, each people will have different experience in selling or booking a service. Currently, Sidebeep is accessible via desktop and Android.

"It's different when you make order to the tattoo artist and booking a trip organizer. When booking a beauty saloon and ordering laundry sneakers. This is our priority this year."

In addition, the company plans for business monetizing. There will be subscription feature for service providers. It will be different with the one you get for free in app. Consumers will guarantee more benefits over costs spent.

To date, Sidebeep has received funding from angel investor with no further detail of the value. The plan to get follow-on funding is there. However, it is when the product has reached market-fit with increasing progress, it's expected to attract investors by the late 2019.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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