Spavista Got Re-branded as “Revasi”

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 16 October 2014

Spavista has officially been re-branded. After receiving Rp 1,8 billion seed funding last August, the online spa and beauty website is now called Revasi. The reason? Very simple. The founders seek to turn the website into the most complete reservation platform in Indonesia.

FYI, before changing its name, Spavista had an excellent breakthrough back in 2013 as an online spa and beauty service platform in Bali. As time went by, the platform succeeded in expanding its coverage to Jakarta, Batam, even other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore. Besides serving those who look for spa services, the platform can only be utilized by businessmen to promote their own businesses.

While having a glorious growth, Ken Suriafur, Spavista’s Founder, didn’t feel too comfortable upon hearing opinions suggesting that his Spavista served only spa lovers. Thus, he decided to totally re-brand his Spavista into Revasi.

“The name Spavista is too niche for our market. We’ve surveyed a number of Jakarta citizens, and most of them thought that Spavista is a spa business. So, we use Revasi as our brand to introduce a brand  new method of reserving spa, salon, and soon golf and other services,” Suriafur told us via email.

He projected that Revasi can be used not only by users, but also by businessmen. In this regard, Suriafur admitted that this vision had actually been carried on by the earlier Spavista, but he claimed that his Revasi would cover even much more partnership.

“We look to strengthen our branding so that people would not think that we provide only spa services. By this re-branding, we intend to use a marketing strategy like ‘B2B2C’, in which we force our partners to promote our brand at their own shops by using our door hanger,” he explained.

That kind of business model is really taken care of by Suriafur and his team very well. He further leaked that Revasi will soon launch a white label mobile app (rooted from one single basis). He stated that the app may serve as one of Revasi’s revenue sources, as he and his team will require their partners to pay a certain amount of money per year should they want to integrate a mobile app to their own services.

Unfortunately, Suriafur didn’t tell us about the exact date of the launching. He admitted that he and his team will focus to launch their Revasi in Jakarta as well as hold an online contest, which you may check here.

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