Squline Opens Online Course for Bahasa Indonesia

Targeting overseas businessman expanding to Indonesia, using one-on-one live video call method with flexible roster

Randi Eka - 4 May 2018

A developer of online course Squline announces new online class for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). The product released due to a trend in 2018 that global markets are heading to Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia has potential to be understood and learned by foreigners, particularly investors or businessman planning for expansion.

Tomi Yunus, Squline's CEO, said that it's necessary for the creative industry and technology players planning for expansion to Indonesia, to learn the culture and the language. Therefore, it'll be easier to decide the business steps.

The foreigners who want to join the course in Squline can access the class anywhere, anytime, using one-on-one Live Video Call method with the experts. By downloading the app and register, you can sign up for the online class with a flexible roster. The targets are those who are too busy to come to an actual class and not having much spare time.

Squline admits that the initiative is inspired by the training in Startup Grind Global Conference and Telkomsel NextDev event last March. In the biggest annual creative festival, South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, Squline is selected to be Indonesia's representative and promote Bahasa Indonesia in its app.

As a local startup in education, Squline provides a portal for language learning. There are many similar services in Google Play includes Bahaso. The interesting part is its target market. While other players are targeting Indonesians to learn the foreign languages, Squline focused on covering global markets who have interest in Bahasa Indonesia.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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