Taiwan’s Billion Electric Enters Indonesia to Help Distributing Broadband Infrastructure

Billion Electric, one of Taiwanese technology providers, plans on presenting its portfolio in mobile and broadband as well as broadband network (xDSL, Fiber, 3G/4G LTE, M2M) to support establishment of broadband infrastructure in Indonesia.

After previously the telecommunication transformation in Indonesia caught the attention of a South Korean-based smartphone producer, it’s Billion Electric’s turn to get stunned, thus planning on entering the market.

This Taiwan-based company is reported to bring along its skills and years of experience in broadband network and mobile to Indonesia so that it can be utilized by Wireless ISPs, system integrator, and telecommunication industry. Some of solutions offered by the company includes VPN, VoIP, Ipv6, ADSL, VDSL, Fibre, and Wifi AC, BillionDSL, Fiber, and 3G/4G LTE networking router/modem, all that may serve houses and offices with proper and stable internet connection.

Billion Electric is also developing other solutions in the field IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine), and Smart City to be offered to Indonesia.

Billion Electric’s Director of Sales of Network Division Charlies Yeh stated that his team regard Indonesia as a potential market since the country is one with the most significant PDB and population growth in Southeast Asia. He also noted that his team aim to make use of the momentum in which the government is working on distributing the broadband network all over Indonesia.

“We see a great potential in telecommunication service distribution. By the launching of Smart Street Lighting Initiative (SSLI), we are sure that both the Billion Broadband Smart Lighting and Street Light Control System can help local system integrator to win every public tender,” said Charlies.

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