TapFeedback Provides Digital Platform for Customer Satisfaction Survey

Currently at "private beta" phase, to be fully launched in the 4th quarter this year

Prayogo Ryza - 16 October 2019

It is a good thing when business gets feedback from its users. Aside from measuring customer satisfaction, the data can be used as a bridge to the next innovation. TapFeedback comes with a solution for businesses to manage feedback from users with online survey methods.

The platform was initiated by Ditto Priyawardhana, also the founder and Managing Director of CX-Go, a consulting company for market research. The idea comes from their past problems, most businesses are still using conventional ways to collect feedback.

"[...] we've seen a problem in some restaurants, they collect customer feedback using the physical form. We identified pain points in this process and looked for simpler and more efficient method, there you go, Tapfeedback," he added.

Tapfeedback has some features ready to facilitate business to manage surveys, including templates for the design. There are two kinds of forms, the on-site and by-mail. The on-site form is to collect feedback with direct interaction, while the by-mail form is used to collect feedback.

In the dashboard, Tapfeedback provides report and analytics that is expected to facilitate users in collecting data from surveys.

"Users can see the survey results of each individual and directly responding to increase engagement. Tapfeedback also offer real-time analytics and report from surveys, therefore, users don't have to input data and sort manually using Excel," Priyawardhana said.

Launching by the end of the year, sure to be well-received

Tapfeedback is currently at the early stage. They still on private beta version. However, the founder aims to launch by the end of the year. He has plans for Indonesian people to receive this product well.

"In order to gain users, we use direct marketing strategy and through social media. Currently, we're focusing on direct marketing to cimmunicate with restaurant owners or other service industry companies," he said.

Despite its new model, he believes in Tapfeedback business. He expect in the next one or two year, this company can be top of mind for customer feedback platform targeting businesses and to grow into survey platform for any kind of objectives.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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