Telkomsigma Eyes for Rp 2,5 Trillion in 2015

Rifki Aria Nugraha - 2 April 2015

Since being officially announced as one of Telkom’s subsidiaries back in 2010, Telkomsigma keeps on collecting more and more cash. In fact, it has enjoyed ten times bigger revenue that what it sealed during the first year of the acquisition, hence the team are targeting to reach Rp 2,5 trillion of income this year.

“We successfully secured nearly Rp 2 trillion back in 2014. Our growth has always been consistent since we got acquired by Telkom. In fact, we reached ten times bigger revenue than what we had when we were first acquired by Telkom. Back then, we only gained Rp 185 billion,” said Judi Achmadi, Telkomsigma’s CEO.

Even though enjoying exceptional leap, Telkomsigma don’t want to be overjoyed. Achmadi claimed that Telkomsigma aims for Rp 2,5 trillion this year. “We are going for Rp 2,5 trillion this year, but I internally expect Rp 3 trillion. We are one of 4 biggest IT businesses in Indonesia,” Achmadi claimed.

This leap enjoyed by Telkomsigma is supported by a number of business aspects. According to Achmadi, the integration business contributes the most with 50% of percentage, followed by data center with 35%, and cloud computing at 15%. In order to meet this year’s target, Telkomsigma plans to push the business in several sectors. As for this year, it would be the data canter business, with the company expecting to have 40%-50% of increase in revenue.

“We look to raise the contribution of data center business up to 40%-50% so that the SI may be reduced. This is based on the fact that SI is mostly based on projects, while data center may allow us enjoying recurring income,” Achmadi explained.

The partnership between Telkomsigma and EMC couple of times ago, which presented the ‘always on’ service, provides the power for Telkomsigma’s data center business. That being said, Telkomsigma also plans on improving its data center capacity so that it may reach 100 thousand square meters this year. To do so, Telkomsigma has reportedly allocated 25% of its this year’s revenue target for capital.

“We are currently controlling 35% of data center business. Once our capacity reaches 100 thousand square meters, then we’ll be able to control 50% of the business,” Achmadi concluded. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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