Cited from the official press release we received, the background of is “learning from the fact that there are many females in Indonesia have habits to upload their photos as photo profile on social media, and update their page by other newest photos. On the other hand, some of males on social media like to explore beautiful females’ profile on their friends’ list.”

Actually, is a time-based site with user generated content. According to the Facebook Page, “ is a fun and pretty way for girls and women to see the time, and upload their coolest photo and the place for boys and men to admire the beauties in every minutes.” In brief, is a time (watch) indicator that shows Indonesian females photos that will automatically change every minute. also asks female users (beauties) to upload and show their newest photo and invite male users (audiences) to celebrate and admire the Indonesian females’ beauty via using “cute” feature to their favorite users’ photos. The “cute” feature is similar to “like” feature on Facebook. Other than that, there are also some features on such as “follow” that allows audiences (not only males) to follow their favorite beauties. They will get update anytime the beauties upload new photos.

Another feature is the competition, in which the most voted (cute) beauties will get interesting prize for each week, month, or year. To consider social networking with other social media, there is also a feature to show the profile and Facebook and Twitter account.

As discussed previously, the monetizing way of is through advertisement. has been received income from advertisement before it launched. DailySocial readers may also realize that there is a big brand put their banner on

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