Viddsee Uses CyberAgent Ventures’ Investment to Broaden Its Market

Yenny Yusra - 1 October 2015

After officially launching apps for Android and iOS, Singapore-based Viddsee sealed another funding from CyberAgent Ventures worth $ 2,3 million. The investment is based on Viddsee’s potential to become the people’s favorite, as it provides high quality short films within its platform.

“We hope that our investment may allow Viddsee realizing its own potential and the commitment to keep on growing on market’s demand and accessibility,” CyberAgent Ventures’ spokeperson Takahiro Suzuki stated.

The funding is planned to go to Viddsee’s cinematic tech on mobile development. All this time, Viddsee has provided users to stream curated high quality short films, using certain hashtags and user’s favorite-based search engine. The team also plan on adding more features to its mobile app version, such as the content filtering feature which can be based on film’s duration, language, and other variables.

“Ever since being founded two years ago, Viddsee has experienced the vast growth of short film trend, as the number of viewers now reach up to 500.000 viewers per film, equal to fully-seated 3,000 times of movie showing at theatres," said Derek Tan, Viddsee's co-founder.

Countries in Southeast Asia are Viddsee’s fundamental market

As movie creator and software developer, Tan and Ho Jia Jian started developing an online video platform with hybrid concept, making it compatible with various device types, from PC to mobile devices. Viddsee also consistently curates unique short films which are published throughout Asia.

Viddsee regards Asian countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore, as a highly potential market that may take its business to the next level. The team also plan to collaborate with movie makers in the U.S, since there are more and more viewers coming from that particular country.

Viddsee’s mobile app allows you to watch short films anywhere and at anytime through your own smartphone. Viddsee makes users’ watching experience become an active one, as it allows users to participate through a strategic editorial channel.

Tan revealed that Viddsee’s plan would be to partner with actors in the local film industry, as well as cover more users in Indonesia. While doing so, the team also prepare a special local editorial channel dedicated for Indonesian users.

“Currently, Viddsee has sealed series of partnership with film communities and movie makers, as well as localized our content especially for the market of Indonesia,” Tan ended.


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