YesBoss Grabs Seed Funding

Michael Erlangga - 8 October 2015

As a pioneer in conversation commerce segment, Yesboss has just secured a seed funding from Convergence Ventures, IMJ Investment Partners, and 500 Startups. The money will be allocated to recruit the best talents and develop the product.

YesBoss’ CEO Irzan Raditya told us that he’s very enthusiast in accommodating the customer’s needs. Thus, he plans on making YesBoss a much smarter and better service.

Raditya claimed that in four months of operations, the team have handled thousands of orders, with 90% of growth each and every month. This condition forces the team to keep on meeting the market’s demand.

“YesBoss operates from 7 AM to 11 PM, because the number of orders tends to decrease after midnight. However, it’s not impossible to open our service 24/7 to serve thousands of our registered users,” Raditya stated.

To anticipate such event, the team have planned to allocate the money they just received to add more team members and develop a new system which may help their client service representatives (CSR) in doing their jobs. Raditya added, “Basically, we will add more CSRs. We are no call center, but a tech company which uses technology to make our operations efficient.”

There are several plans on the table, including to develop the required tools to push the CSR’s productivity. Unfortunately, there has no further confirmation on this matter. In addition, the team are currently preparing a mobile app which can be used by users as an alternative to their own virtual personal assistant.

70% of YesBoss users come from Jakarta, followed by Bandung, Surabaya, and Makassar. So far, YesBoss has partnered with numerous partners, with the number, Raditya claimed, keeps increasing as time goes by.

Below is a video of our conversation with Irzan Raditya, YesBoss’ CEO:

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