Zomato Presented Djunadi Satrio as Indonesia’s New Country Manager

Adjie Priambada - 16 June 2015

Yesterday, online restaurant search service Zomato officially introduced its new Country Manager for Indonesia, Djunadi Satrio. The appointment’s been effective since April 2015. Satrio will be responsible towards Zomato’s operation in Indonesia, including to keep Zomato on the track of achieving this year’s designated targets.

He isn’t a new kid on the block. Prior working at Zomato, he was once Garuda Indonesia’s VP Marketing, HTC’s Country Director Marketing, Sony Ericsson’s (now Sony) Head of Marketing & Operator Relation, and Titan Group’s Director Marketing & Business Development. Zomato expects him to bring along his vast experience and leadership in turning Zomato into a prominent restaurant search engine in Indonesia as well as the first service to come in mobile users’ mind.

Satrio was optimisic that Zomato Indonesia will grow significantly in Indonesia. According to him, the high penetration of internet users as well as the vast growth of middle class are one of things that trigger the use of Zomato’s services, both through desktop and mobile.

He stated, “Zomato looks close at the growth in Indonesia and is sure that the potential will keep growing positively […]. Our focus is to be the main leader in restaurant search engine and users’ apps in Indonesia.”

As we reported earlier, in 2015, Zomato wants to start monetizing and expanding its scope of operation. The objective is to add more restaurants into its database. Currently, Zomato’s covered Jabodetabek and Bali.

Satrio said, “The expansion is certain, especially for big cities in Indonesia like Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan. As for the product, there are some that we’ll bring to Indonesia, like online ordering, table reservation, and cashless payment. This year, our plan is to launch one or two new features as well as expand to one or two new cities. There’re a lot of works to do.”

With his roadmap, Satrio is also responsible to grow the team, which consists of 40 people now. The plan is that the team will be more than doubled, up to 100 people, by recruiting new talents. Satrio also revealed that after evaluating deeper, he also plans on adding more positions which haven’t been there all this time.

Within two years of operation, Zomato Indonesia claimed to have more than 18.000 restaurants in Jakarta registered in its platform, added with other 3.000 in Bali. Furthermore, Zomato Indonesia also claimed to have secured more than 4 million visits in a month. Satrio added that based on the traffic, Jakarta is always one of world’s top three.

“Jakarta has always been in the top three worldwide, top four at the worst. We only lost from Delhi, as Zomato’s been there for the past seven years. As for Bali, the traffic is considered to be less than that of Jakarta. Such achievement has turned the eyes of the management upon us. Therefore, we can expand, hire more people, and set bigger targets,” he claimed.

As a conslusion, Satrion also revealed the demography of Zomato’s users in Indonesia. He stated that at the moment, 65 percent of the users are female, with the most of them are at their productive age, which is around 18-24 years old. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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