Fintech Report 2022 - H1 2023

This report takes a deep dive into the fintech industry's trends and changes in Indonesia over the past year. It's like a detailed map that shows how fintech businesses performed, where they got their funding, and how they're adapting to new rules.

The fintech report talks about:

  1. What Fintech Was Like in 2022 and H1 2023: This part gives a clear picture of what the fintech world looked like during this time. It tells us about different kinds of fintech businesses, how well they did, the new things they tried, and even the rules they had to follow.
  2. How the Fintech Industry Changed in 2022 and H1 2023: Here, we learn about the important stuff fintech companies did during this time. We find out about things like how they got better at what they do, how they focused more on being sustainability, and the problems they faced and overcame.
  3. Fintech Strategies: This part details important plans like growing bigger, possibly going public (IPOs), and teaming up with other companies. It gives us a sneak peek into how fintech companies are planning to grow and do well.
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