A Singapore Based Startup Eatsy to Arrive in Jakarta, Promoting a Queue Booking App in Restaurants

One of East Venture's portfolios, soon to be integrated with Ovo and Moka

Prayogo Ryza - 19 November 2019

Eatsy, a Singapore based startup stated itself as a "dining mobile app" announced to arrive soon in Jakarta. The firm was getting seed round from East Venture in January 2019 worth of $550 thousand.

The Eatsy app is to help users in booking queues and food in the restaurant. Therefore, when customers arrived, they don't have to wait longer to queue for seating and ordering food.

"Using Eatsy, not only saving time but customers can also order their food peacefully. The restaurant, particularly those with small space but high demand, can cut the queue service and manage the order well," Eatsy's Founder & CEO, Shaun Heng said.

To date, their team has reached hundreds of restaurants in Indonesia to join their system. They also have partnered up with Ovo for the payment system.

Meanwhile, to indulge restaurant merchants with the best experience, Eatsy also take Moka (also one of East Venture's portfolio) for the point of sales service. The collaboration allows all orders to be integrated into a system. Meanwhile, Moka's merchants will automatically be registered into the Eatsy app, including their menus.

In Singapore, Eatsy currently has partnered up with 400 merchants, the solution is said to increase sales by 1.5 times up.

"We're glad to deliver Eatsy in Jakarta, furthermore, we aim to expand to the other first-tier cities in Southeast Asia," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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