Academic Fintech Lending Startup Dana Cita Plans to Expand to the Philippines

Introducing new brand named "Bukas"

Kristin Siagian - 4 April 2019

Dana Cita as a fintech lending focuses to facilitate academic finance reportedly to finalize its expansion to Philippines. From the flying rumor, Dana Cita will introduce new brand called “Bukas” (In Filipino means “open” or “tomorrow”). Bukas is now accessible through

Regarding expansion, Dana Cita’s Co-Founder Susli Lie has confirmed to DailySocial with no further detail.

This expansion run after the startup founded by Susli Lie and Naga Tan recorded great traction in Indonesia. Per March 2018, they’ve distributed funding loan up to two billion Rupiah. In terms of the current business, Dana Cita is sponsored by follow-on funding from Patamar Capital investor.

Previously, they’ve received license from OJK. Since then, the Jakarta based startup keep making talent acquisition in various ways, one is through regular socialization to the academic institutions. The loan has quite long tenor up to 72 months with 1-1.75% interest per month.

Previously, Dana Cita has formed strategic partnership with Gojek. It allows Gojek’s ecosystem to access the academic financial services of Dana Cita. Both are targeting Philippines market – although Gojek also facing obstacle post online transportation service licensing moratorium.

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