Bareksa Partners with Tokopedia to Launch the Same-Day Disbursement Mutual Fund

Also involved is Syailendra Capital, targeting a million customers in the first year

Yenny Yusra - 25 April 2018

Today (4/23), in order to acquire more customers and to increase public's financial literation, Bareksa, a mutual fund marketplace partners with Tokopedia and Syailendra Capital in introducing an online liquid mutual fund, to be disbursed and sent to their accounts on the same day (T+0) through Tokopedia.

William Tanuwijaya, CEO of Tokopedia, also presents in the grand launching. He said to the media that the company has around 40 million unique users and this strategic partnership is expected to add more services in Tokopedia.

"We, in Tokopedia, want to invite public to buy the fast and affordable mutual funds. Furthermore, Indonesia's population can all be the investors start from Tokopedia," he added.

The only online mutual fund initiated by Bareksa and e-commerce are targeted to acquire a million customers with billion rupiahs of managed funds during the first year.

Bareksa alone has paired with Tokopedia selling mutual funds since the late February 2018.

Regarding some investment of Bareksa and Tokopedia, Ady F Pangerang, the CEO of Bareksa, confirmed it as the joint venture, but the value is still undisclosed.

"Later, the existing investment will be used for marketing, operational, legal, and educational activities to all Tokopedia users," he said.

Simple process

On the occasion, there's an information of how Bareksa mutual funds work in Tokopedia app. By using the Tokopedia app, users can register as mutual fund's customer with the minimum purchase of Rp10 thousand.

"Moreover, using E-Wallet in Tokopedia, users can top-up balance via bank transfer, to be saved in E-Wallet. The nominal purchasing of mutual funds can be directly transferred from Tokopedia E-Wallet," he said.

Benefits for those purchasing mutual funds in Tokopedia are inclusive, safety, convenient within 5 minutes process, investors can directly sell investment and get a return up to 7%.

"Another privilege is the instant redemption, it's a saving in the mutual fund to be used for shopping in Tokopedia or auto sweep, where the users will automatically enter the mutual fund account," he added.

Currently, Bareksa has around 110 thousand investors, the number is increasing by 60% compared to Desember 2017. They also scored the increase of customer's funding to Rp850 billion per 9 April 2018.

Supported by OJK

Sujanto, Managing Director of OJK, also presents to support the partnership of Bareksa and Tokopedia in launching the online mutual fund. Eyeing the current trend, he revealed the most purchased mutual funds are online-based.

"It's probably because the fast and easy process that makes Indonesia's population prefer the online mutual fund."

However, seen from the number of population that really understand the mutual fund's product, it is only 23% according to OJK. Therefore, it's rather important for Bareksa and Tokopedia to improve education for the public regarding the mutual fund.

As the regulator, OJK fully supports the online mutual fund initiated by Tokopedia and Bareksa.

"If Tokopedia has claimed 40 million unique visitors, it's obviously easier to educate people about the mutual fund. I also expected not only a million new customers but all Tokopedia users." Sujanto explained.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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