Bridestory and Parentstory Stay Independent After Being Acquired by Tokopedia

An integration plan was made due to maximize user experience cross platform

According to the CEO speech, William Tanuwijaya, today (6/20), Tokopedia officially announced its acquisition over Bridestory and Parentstory platforms. Through this action, the biggest online marketplace in Indonesia has acquired full assets of both platforms; including physical, digital, intellectual property, and human resources. Although, Bridestory and Parentstory will keep running the business and creating products independently.

Kevin Mintaraga, Bridestory's Founder & CEO is said to be a part of Tokopedia's management as Vice President. While Doni Hanafi, as the Co-Founder is to become the COO of Bridestory.

In terms of integration, it was mentioned in the release that Bridestory and Parentstory will have service synergy and to make use of the platform within Tokopedia's ecosystem to expand.

Tokopedia's platform will be available for Bridestory partners to market their products and services. It applies to the Parentstory's partner and users as well, they can offer, search for inspiration, and purchase any kind of children activities through Tokopedia's platform.

"We're glad Tokopedia can have a synergy with Bridestory and Parentstory. We believe the synergy could amplify and accelerate the mission of both sides" Mintaraga said.

Tanuwijaya added, "Through this acquisition, Tokopedia took a commitment to keep being a partner for these service providers in order to keep transforming with technology onward, therefore, all bride & groom to be will have the best experience of once in a lifetime moment. Also, the Parentstory in providing the best solutions and activities for parents and their children."

Since it was founded in 2014, Bridestory has helped and connected more than 3,5 million couples every year, with more than 20 thousand curated wedding vendors. The annual event, Bridestory Market has also become the biggest exhibition in the Southeast Asia.

On the other side, Parentstory is a new initiative from Bridestory, first introduced in October 2018. They're targeting parents by providing subscription-based marketplace platform to give inspiration and options for children activities for parents.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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