Carmudi Is Officially Launched in Indonesia

Adjie Priambada - 20 November 2014

After starting the year of 2014 with an expansion to Indonesia and the Philippines, Carmudi finally set its official debut yesterday (18/11) in Indonesia. The platform, which gets backed up by the Rocket Internet, currently has five offices spread within the country.

Carmudi has done various attempts in expanding its services in Indonesia, and one of those ways is to launch an Android app in order to reach mobile users. In addition, Carmudi has also optimized its website’s performance so that users may access its services conveniently via any portable devices. Thus, its users in Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America may easily find their dream cars, motorbikes, or any other commercial vehicles.

Carmudi Indonesia’s Managing Director, Wouter van Der Kolk, told Liputan 6, “We provide a marketplace platform which is easy to be accessed by both sellers and consumers. While we charge practically no cost on individuals who intend to sell their vehicles at Carmudi, we only charge so little on dealers.”

Carmudi relies simple transaction process for buyers and sellers. Sellers only have to add their posted item with brief description and an image as well as contact number. Users are also facilitated with the “Park & Compare” feature which enables them selecting cars based on their specification.

“We help sellers posting their ads in only 2 minutes,” Der Kolk added.

The presence of “Contact Us” feature even makes the transaction process within the platform becomes easier, as it allows buyers to get further information about their desired items in working hours. For the sellers, Carmudi provides interesting facts and information about the latest trend of the market so that they may get the best deal. This is in line with Der Kolk’s vision, which is to make Carmudi not only as a place where buyers and sellers meet, but also as a provider of latest statistics and information about the market.

In Indonesia, Carmudi fights in the secondhand cars and other commercial vehicles segment, with Mobil123 and RajaMobil ready to strictly compete with the platform. So far, Carmudi has had offices in Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar.

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