comScore Introduces Mobile Metrix in Indonesia

Randi Eka - 16 October 2015

comScore Inc., one of foreign media and ads analyst, announced its presence in Indonesia during the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum Indonesia (15/10). It will introduce its mobile user analyzing app called the Mobile Metrix in Indonesia. In addition, the company also disclosed that it is currently partnering with Kantar, a global data analyst and manager, to develop a mobile solution which will later grow into a mobile data traffic analyst, which it calls the platform for the future.

Within his speech, Kantar’s Chief Client Officer for Asia Pacific Tim Kelsall stated:

“Kantar and comScore realize the importance of comprehensively measuring the use of mobile device to encourage a sustainable growth in ads and mobile ecosystem. The mobile panel that we build for the people of Indonesia is expected to introduce our services faster to the market.”

The Mobile Metrix is designed to make sure that mobile users are directed to the right ads. This is mainly based on the high penetration of digital content consumption through mobile devices in Indonesia. The system works by analyzing the habit of mobile users through the browser they use and their device’s characteristics.

comScore’s Vice President for Asia Pacific Kerry J. Brown commented:

“The industry requires an insight to determine what they must do as well as guarantee that the decision may accommodate future necessities. Today, we annouce an initiative to support such requirement by introducing comScore’s Mobile Metrix. To prepare the future, our work with Kantar allows us to collaboratively build a mobile panel for measuring data on mobile devices using various platform and media as welll as profit all industies.”

Indonesia is believed to be the highly potential market for comScore-like platforms. Digital addictive people who tend to be consumptive living in the country are their easy target, as long as they can direct them to the right content and ads. Without analysis, the distribution of advertising content will rather be sporadic and not effective at all.


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