Doogether Announces Seed Funding Led by Gobi Agung

Fresh funding will be focused on network expansion, app development, and talent acquisition

Kristin Siagian - 24 April 2019

The platform for fitness center booking Doogether announces seed funding led by Gobi Agung, supported by Everhaus, Prasetia Dwidharma, and Cana Asia at undisclosed value. Previously, the company has received funding from some investors including Erick Thohir (Head of MAHAKA Group) and Alexander Rusli (Former CEO of Indosat Ooredoo and Founder of Digiasia Bios).

DOOgether will use the fresh funding to achieve three main objectives, expanding network of fitness classes, developing app, and recruiting talents.

In the official release, Gobi Agung’s Venture Partner, Arya Masagung said, “If we do reflect to the world trend, when a country is getting through modernization and economy growth, the healthy lifestyle will be one of the most developing sectors.”

In Indonesia, practically, there is no local competitor with the same market as Doogether. The closest one is ClassPass which has acquired the regional player, Guava Pass, last year.

Aside from Jabodetabek, Doogether is now available in Bandung and Bali with total user reaching 20 thousand.

“As a special app for Indonesia’s population, Doogether ensures to provide a platform that is perfectly match our consumer’s demand,” Doogether’s CEO, Fauzan Gani said.

Three year business operation

Entering the third year, Doogether claims a rapid growth with validated market. The company is said to have grown 200% in a year.

To DailySocial, Gani explained, “This product was made organic with 200% year-to-year growth. Imagine if we had investors and to spend in marketing, how much we’ll grow.”

In terms of product, Doogether has vision to get to know user by giving various options. The latest is Dooaccess, to allow basic user to enjoy the service with only Rp100 thousand per month.

Currently, the platform with a campaign “Olahraga Tanpa Batas” has partnered up with venues from all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, athletic, wall climbing, and gym. There are more than 200 locations, offering 19 thousand classes for those who want to have long-term investment in their body.

Tightening position in the industry

In 2016, there are 25 fitness center in Jakarta, and now 100, only in the Southern. Starts from there, Doogether intends to change how the business work by providing SaaS (System as a Service) to facilitate them in getting user’s data.

“We’ll expand the network and gather at least 500 fitness center, and develop the platform to be the biggest healthy lifestyle community in Indonesia,” he added.

In an effort to acquire user, the company also formed up with some players in the ecosystem, such as F&B for additional value when booking through the app. It also impactful to boost up the fitness center popularity and create opportunity for collaboration with other parties.

Helmy Rianda, Doogether’s COO said, “We’re in a collaboration process for employee benefit for companies. Therefore, we’re available not only for those who want to workout,also for companies to concern more on the current health campaign.”

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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