GO-JEK Now Provides GO-DEALS, A Coupon Purchase Feature

It allows users to buy various coupons using GO-PAY

GO-JEK introduces another new service in its app. This time they create GO-DEALS, a service to help users to get special offers or coupons for various categories, such as food, lifestyle, e-commerce, and others. Moreover, GO-JEK also announced a merger of their two services, GO-MART and GO-SHOP.

GO-DEALS' coupons can be purchased using GO-PAY by entering GO-JEK app, choosing GO-DEALS menu, and deciding on what coupons they want before completing the transaction payment via GO-PAY.

However, the purchased coupons can be used online or offline (at the cashier). It lasts for 1x24 hours.

On its official website, GO-DEALS is said to provide various types of coupons for some categories. Users can buy the necessary coupons directly via GO-JEK. Previously, Grab also introduced a similar feature called GrabGift for some of their transportation services.

Aside from regional expansion to Southeast Asia, GO-JEK is also reportedly preparing several innovations in its Indonesian app. For example, GO-NEARBY which was added to facilitate users in finding nearest GO-FOOD merchants. Including the in app news feature that allows users to read news through GO-JEK app. In order to enrich content for the in app news, GO-JEK partners with Kumparan as a content provider.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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