Gojek and Halodoc Shared Some Tips to Optimize Growth Opportunity Amid Pandemic

Focus on user's feedback and give additional support for partners

Yenny Yusra - 1 October 2020

The pandemic has turned out to be able to make big tech companies like Gojek perform strategic changes and focus on new businesses on the platform. In the webinar event initiated by the Technology Journalists Forum (Forwat), representatives from Gojek and Halodoc conveyed challenges to new innovations that are then implemented and are expected to become their respective superior products.

Focused on user’s feedback

The pressure and economic changes that occurred during the pandemic have actually increased the number of Halodoc users who then conduct mental consultations to psychiatrists and psychologists through the platform. After being officially launched in late June, the consulting service has now been supported by 500 psychologists and psychiatrists.

According to Halodoc’s CMO, Dionisius Nathaniel, not only was it used by adults, but there were also some children who took advantage of the mental consultation channel presented by Halodoc through the application and website. This achievement shows the increasing need for users to convey the complaints and stresses they experience during the pandemic.

As a platform that promotes health for all, Halodoc has also carried out several activities that help the government and of course the community during the pandemic. One of them is the giving of the Covid-19 Rapid Test. At the beginning of the pandemic, Halodoc has also introduced chatbot technology, namely Preliminary Risk Assessment. Its function is in the form of a questionnaire that helps people check whether they are at risk of being affected by Covid-19 or not.

“In the mapping, we can see how many users use this feature and help us to see the location. Mostly are those living in big cities,” said Dionisius.

In addition to mental consultations and Covid-19 rapid tests, Halodoc also claims to have experienced positive growth from the Health Shop. In this case, taking advantage of partnerships with 100 health shops spread out and integrated delivery with Gojek driver-partners, is able to increase the number of purchases and deliveries easier and of course faster.

“The strategic collaboration with Gojek proves that what we present, namely a fast delivery in under 60 minutes, has been successfully realized by Halodoc and of course Gojek,” said Dionisius.

To maintain business growth during the pandemic and help more people access health information and consultation services with doctors, Halodoc wants to continue to get feedback from users in order to provide comprehensive digital health services, not only in big cities but in other regions in Indonesia.

“We currently have around 20 million active users on applications and websites. This increase is supported by the services and information we provide related to the Covid-19 topic. Education is part of our strategy to increase user traction on applications and websites,” Dionysius said.

Support partners with technology

Meanwhile, Gojek, which already has a variety of services, during the pandemic began to focus on the welfare of driver-partners and merchants. Starting from making donations to launching appropriate technology. According to Gojek’s Chief of Corporate Affairs Nila Marita, the company is trying to focus on their core business. Starting from mobility, food-related, logistics, and payment.

“An interesting fact that also occurred during the Gomed service pandemic has also increased quite well. We note that transactions in Gomed have increased by up to 103%,” Nila mentioned.

Another service that has also increased is entertainment, with GoTix services recorded an increase of up to 30 times. Adjusting the PSBB rules and working at home which is mostly applied by office workers and students. Meanwhile, to help culinary partners outside the culinary business to run their business, Gojek has also launched Selly which is a keyboard and dashboard application that makes it easier for SMEs to serve customers.

With the launch of this special merchant application, it is hoped that it can accelerate the acceleration of Gojek merchants through tools tailored to their needs.

“Through the Selly application, we hope that there will be more social commerce players in Indonesia who can be facilitated in terms of supporting tools for their business. Gojek will also continue to collaborate with relevant partners and brands,” Nila said.

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