Gojek Announces Online Donation Service Go-Give

Third party services are to be announced, depends on user's interest

Marsya Nabila - 10 May 2019

Gojek announces an online donation service Go-Give, a collaboration with fundraising platform Kitabisa as exclusive partner. Go-Give allows users to donate, for alms, and calculate directly from Gojek app using Go-Pay.

Sonny Radhityo, Gojek's Head of Third Party Platform said, Go-Give is a service for easier and simpler donation. The latest feature is part of Gojek's ambition to become super app, allowing users to do anything through the app.

"We've been encouraged from the start to be scientist, through experiment to see user's interest on the potential feature or service. Then, we decided to make its own tile as Gojek's official service," he added (5/8).

Before the launching, Go-Give held its first trial in November 2018 through donation for natural disaster victims with Kitabisa. It was only shuffle card, that needs to be scrolled of the app's interface.

Within six months, this service is said to facilitate 343 goodwill campaign and collected Rp2.3 billion from 75 thousand contributors.

The tile version of Go-Give will be gradually distributed to all users. It'll be among 22 Gojek's official services, such as Go-Food, Go-Car, and Go-Send.

Kitabisa is an exclusive partner to sort all campaigns, to ensure all funds to be well distributed. While making the donation, users are required to provide full name and email or WhatsApp contact. Go-Give set Rp1,000 minimum donation to unlimited.

"The email and WhatsApp contact will be used to notify users of the fundraising progress," Alfatih Timur, Kitabisa's CEO said.

Based on Kitabisa report, the online donation trend has increased by two times in 2017-2018. Last Ramadhan, the online donation collected through Gojek's app has increased by 12 times.

"Our first commitment is to give social impact, regardless its performance, we feel the need to facilitate Gojek's users to donate. Therefore, Go-Give will sustain," Radhityo said.

Third party services

The relaunched Gojek's third party services

Radhityo opens to bring this along with other third party as Gojek's official service in tile version. However, they haven't decided on the next service.

"We'll keep making innovation, whether our offering wanted by users, we'll make it official like Go-Give."

Gojek is getting enriched as an open platform by partnering with various parties to build up its ecosystem, in a form of shuffle card. Currently, there are Go-Mall ( and Blibli), Go-News (Kumparan), Go-Travel (Tiket and Reddorz), Go-Komik (Comics), and Umma app following Ramadhan moment.

He didn't explained the total visit from the latest content. It is said all the third party services have gotten positive response from public.

"It receives positive response of our internals, they feel so helped with our service that they can do anything through Gojek's app," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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