Greenly Practices the New Retail Concept for Healthy Food Products Market

Already secured seed funding led by East Venture

Prayogo Ryza - 17 February 2020

The new retail concept is getting popular among businessmen. The tech-based operation is quite fit to speed up offline business' growth. Greenly, a fast-casual F&B retail network offering various healthy food and beverages has adopted the approach.

Greenly was founded by Liana Gonta Widjaja and Edrick Joe Soetanto. Liana is a Bachelor of Science from the University of California majoring in nutritional science, dietetics, who has begun her career as a nutritionist. Erick is a serial entrepreneur who also graduated from the University of California.

The healthy food business debuted in January 2019 in Surabaya, with 5 outlets. One is located in the mall with a restaurant and cafe concept, while the other 4 branches serve orders as cloud kitchen - taking orders through on-demand applications such as GoFood or GrabFood.

In a year, Greenly claims to have managed growth up to five times with hundreds of orders every day.

"Our business model is new retail with an online to offline (O2O) approach, we adopt a multi-channel sales pattern in distributing products. Using this strategy, Greenly not only has a physical store in a shopping center like traditional retail but also operates a cloud kitchen and sales through online platforms," Greenly's Director & Co-founder Edrick Joe Soetanto said.

Entering its second year Greenly managed to secure seed funding led by East Ventures. The fresh funds received will be used for product innovation, technology development and expanding its network in Surabaya, including other cities.

Optimizing technology to leverage business

Furthermore, Soetanto said the new retail strategy with the O2O approach is what distinguishes the business from other conventional services and other similar businesses.

Greenly also developed a system with some leading features in order to be more effective, developed, and loved by its customers. The stuff being implemented are including supply chain management, POS, accounting and taxation systems, HRIS and payroll, also third-party delivery systems, user loyalty, and pick-up orders.

"The current technology has supported Greenly run business and serve customers in maximum effort. The development of backend technology helps us manage the supply chain efficiently, particularly since we manage fresh & perishable products with a very short extent. With the development of infrastructure technologies such as demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics optimization, we can maximize production output, manage resource capacity effectively, track inventory accurately, minimize waste, and optimize distribution," Soetanto added.

He also mentioned that technology integration and supply chain efficiency enable them to cut into the minimum operational cost, therefore we can offer products at affordable prices.

Integration with delivery services of third parties through the cloud kitchen concept is claimed to have succeeded in making dozens of Greenly customers comfortable.

Today, for the first three months of 2020, they are targeting to open 3 new outlets in Pakuwon Mall and Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya. The first outlet in Jakarta will also be launched, located in the Senopati area. This year, Greenly is to focus on product development, technological innovation, customer growth, and expansion both in Jakarta, Surabaya, and other cities.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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