Gringgo Partners with Datanest to Develop AI Technology for Waste Management

Receives $500,000 from Google, plans to expand to two cities

Yenny Yusra - 17 May 2019

A company focused on becoming a leading platform to handle city waste crisis and plastic waste in the sea Gringgo plans to expand service coverage to two cities in Indonesia.

The Bali based startup has partnered up with some private collectors. Using the current technology, Gringgo can get feedback from them to to improve services. In addition, they also have plan to raise funding this year.

"We form partnership with local waste collector and some privates. We'll offer them our system to improve their work in exchange to the recycle products they serve, then sell it to the factory or bigger processor," Gringgo's CTO, Febriadi Pratama said to DailySocial.

Gringgo is a web-based app to facilitate waste management. Users can ask for their garbage to be taken and managed through this service. They target B2B segment, they use secondhand product sales and waste management consultation to monetize business. The company is currently has 10 clients in its platform.

Partnership with Datanest

Gringgo is just selected as one of the startup with opportunity from through Google AI Impact Challenge and granted with $500,000.

Gringgo is to be partnered with, a startup providing Data Science-as-a-Services working on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence industry, to implement AI system in objective to improve recycle capacity, decrease plastic waste at sea, and fix the waste management in society with minimum resources in real time.

As one of startup under accelerator program of GK-Plug and Play Indonesia, Gringgo had an opportunity to visit San Fransisco to prepare the event with Google. Both Gringgo and Datanest are graduates of the second batch.

"It's an honor to receive Google's grant. We're so glad to see on how far we've come and capable to give better impact through our partnership with Google and Datanest. As the one with the grant in Southeast Asia, we'll contribute positive values in Indonesian area," he said.

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