HubSehat Launches Second Opinion Feature, Providing In-Depth Diagnosis

HubSehat Launches Second Opinion Feature, Providing In-Depth Diagnosis

This feature aims to help patients informed of the second insight of the illness
HubSehat launches Second Opinionfeature
HubSehat launches Second Opinionfeature

HubSehat, one of the healthtech startups in Indonesia has launched the latest feature called second opinion. A feature to help patients getting a second insight of a current disease. It’s supposed to inform patients with better consideration of the disease.

“HubSehat develops this feature for people to be more effective and efficient in terms of time and cost rather than going abroad for additional insight of other doctors and hospitals,” HubSehat’s Marketing Supervisor, Evry Zony said.

The second opinion is an insight or diagnosis of another doctor based on the previous medical records. It is necessary to make sure the current disease to avoid malpractice.

In HubSehat observation, there are many people willing to go abroad to get this second opinion. They thought the overseas doctors are more competent and credible. On the other hand, it costs more than a penny. The Second Opinion feature intends to answer the demand through technology at an affordable price and simpler way.

In order to raise public awareness of the additional insight and this Second Opinion feature, HubSehat is actively acquired patients and public communities in need of additional diagnoses.

“HubSehat plans to introduce the Second Opinion feature by acquiring communities of patients with chronical disease and common people who often not sure with one answer or unclear diagnoses, can’t be trusted, and not satisfy patient’s curiousity. Particularly when patient or family members are having a serious illness,” he added.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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