IndoGold is Going Aggressive for Fintech Partnership This Year

Partners with Doku and Go-Pay

A gold trading platform, IndoGold, will tighten its partnership with other fintech this year, payment gateway in particular. Some of which are digital wallet platform Doku and Go-Pay.

On company's observation, the partnership with other fintech may smoothen the transaction. Moreover, partnerships are getting wide open, given the fintech company are spreading in Indonesia.

"This is an era of partnership. Unlike the old days, we haven't decided whom to partner. There aren't any fintech to partners with," Amri Ngadiman, CEO of IndoGold, said on IndoGold Talkshow in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Thu (4/20).

He said that there are ongoing partnerships with some fintech companies. Doku, for example, the partnership with this e-wallet platform has been going for four months, but haven't realized.

Currently, IndoGold is doing API integration with Doku's. Later, Doku's users won't have to register in IndoGold for a cashless gold transaction in the platform.

"We're in development to connect Doku's API with ours, it'll soon to be launched. There's also few fintech on progress, not only Doku. Considering this is a digital era, it takes time to integrate two systems," he explained.

Mobile app re-launch

In addition, IndoGold is developing the new app to be re-launched in late 2018. Currently, in iOS and Android, IndoGold app is still in beta version.

IndoGold's CEO said on the current development, it's expected to facilitate users to invest. Given the example that users have to click many buttons to make a transaction.

"Then, in the latest update, we'll introduce many additional features. It's still on the list. No need to worry, the current app can be used for transactions."

PT Sinar Rezeki Handal, IndoGold's parent company, provides an online platform for gold trading since 2011. The transaction can be done through the website or mobile app. IndoGold also a part of Indonesia's Fintech Association and Indonesia's E-Commerce Association.

The mobile app has been downloaded 118,000 times since the first launching in 2013. Meanwhile, the site already has 63,000 members since 2011.

Up until now, Ngadiman considers gold as the best instrument of investment. Mobile platform for gold trading is expected to attract other segments of the market, particularly today's generation.

"In the old days, we have to buy gold in retail and get the physical form. Nowadays, it's getting easier and credible. In this way, we expect today's generation to invest in gold, like the oldies."

Original article is in Indonesian, translatedby Kristin Siagian

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