MailTarget to Rebrand as MTARGET, Declaring Itself as "Marketing Cloud Solution"

There's no significant changes in terms of the previous MailTarget app

Prayogo Ryza - 20 December 2018

Towards the end of 2018, SaaS email marketing platform, MailTarget, rebrands into MTARGET. The fresh title will be used effectively next year, along with plans to present more digital marketing variants. Despite new title, the previous automation won't change much.

In the written statement, Yopie Suryadi, MTARGET's Founder & CEO, explained the rebranding as its business metamorphosis. The change of "Mail" into "M" indicates something more extensive, related to Marketing, Mail, Mobile, and others.

Despite changing name, the email marketing feature will still be MTARGET's main service. However, the solution will be extensive and expected to help other issues in the digital marketing industry.

"We started to fix the system, sharpen our vision and mission, and put core values into the company. It includes changing the mindset, from selling into contributing in the business world. We apply smart selling, divide user types, and focus in the area where our contribution most needed," he said.

One of MailTarget business achievements this year is to realize the expansion plan. The service is now available in Malaysia.

"Throughout 2018, we achieved 22% month-on-month growth, with 2100 total users. We always listen to all problem of our users. Then, we develop a feature to help and available to use by others."

Using the new title, Yopie and team are ready to welcome the journey with a new focus, as "Marketing Cloud Solution".

"In 2019, our service will help companies to get more personal and close to its customers through the right data and tools. We still target the business market. It's expected, after the next fundraising we can immediately help Indonesian SMEs."

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