NOKNBag Increases Its Brand Awareness through Internet

Michael Erlangga - 6 November 2014

NOKNBag understands that each and every individual is unique, that each has his own needs and interests. Thus, it allows its customers to design their own distinctive bag models based on their preferences. This is possible since the company works on the modular concept for the production of its bags. Actively penetrating the market through internet, NOKN aims not only in Indonesian market, but also in Asian market as well.

NOKN was established by Wira Adiyaksa and Bayu Pamura back in 2011. It was all started from their dream of providing people with innovative yet quality bags. That being said, this Yogyakarta-based company lets customers design their own bags through the modular system. This is a system in which each part of the bag (body, strap, and other modules) are produced separately. In result, customers may mix and match them to create their own preferred design. The whole process would be done online using the ‘bag building wizard’ feature on the company’s website.

Now, under PT Noga Kalyan Nirmana, NOKN has practically seven exceptional talents. Having all its businesses done online, NOKN has successfully collected around 100 transactions per month. Incredible.

Having said that, NOKN indeed has a number of products to be proud of. Some of them are NOKN-B backpack, NOKN-T tote bag, NOKN-L laptop case, NOKN-C compact case, and NOKN-M messenger bag, which, according to an internal result, is the most wanted product.

Furthermore, NOKN admitted that social media has become its sales’ spearhead. Thus, it actively promotes its products via free services like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and Tumblr, as well as paid services like Google Display Network and FB Ads.

Interestingly, all those online achievements don’t make NOKN being asocial. As a matter of fact, the company recently held NOKNJam X Farid Stevy. This program, which holds “100 bags for farmers’ children” as its tagline, was a limited initiation by NOKN and Farid Stevy which aims to help farmers’ children claiming better future by facilitating them with school bags.

For the future, NOKN has set a plan of developing a mobile app to increase the number of sales in this mobile-first country.

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