Not April Fools: Welcoming Aulia!

Rama Mamuaya - 5 April 2011

If you read Indonesian version of DailySocial on 1st April, you may notice the hoax about a change in DailySocial. It was an April Fools post, but in fact, not all the posts yesterday was a hoax. In this post, I want to say a few updates about DailySocial (DS) and also a little leak on the landing where we will bring the DS.

First, Aulia Masna is not my successor as CEO of the DS. “I’m still the CEO, bitch!”. However Aulia Masna actually joined the DailySocial team and will help to develop multimedia content on the DS. Aulia itself is indeed a technology blogger who has been around the technology blog world in Indonesia, and even was a Managing Editor of the Singapore-based technology blog Happy to have him on board!

Now, let’s talk about DS.

DS now has all the best technology bloggers in Indonesia who has a vision for elevating the Indonesian technology and tell it to the world. We in DS believe that Indonesia has the quality of innovation and resources to compete directly with global markets, and DS will continue to work hard to bring Indonesian startups into the SEA market, then to the Asian market and later to the WORLD market. Can we do it? Maybe yes, maybe not. But we will not know it if we do not try.

DS will continue to be consistent in delivering news about Indonesian startups, and will bring sound of Indonesia to the world by showing qualities of innovation from startups in Indonesia. DS itself will continue to grow in terms of content and Editorial, Wiku Baskoro has performed a remarkable job in developing the content on the DS over the last few years and will continue to produce qualified contents on the DS and DS / EN.

The new team of DailySocial is now filled by me as the CEO, Wiku (Editor in-chief), Rahmat (VP Marketing), Amir (Author & Product Development) and now Aulia Masna (Author & Content Development).

We’re ready to conquer the world. And this one is not a joke.

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