NulisBuku Invites Everyone To Become An Author

Rama Mamuaya - 21 July 2010

Finally after a few months waiting, NulisBuku launched their Self Publishing platform. NulisBuku was a partner of KutuKutuBuku, one of the most popular online book store in Indonesia run by serial entrepreneur Ollie. It sounds like a good synergy between one of the most popular online bookstore and a self publishing platform.

One interesting phenomenon  in Indonesia, is that several prominent blogger ended up launching a book based on their blog and several bloggers actually kicks ass with their books. This phenomenon maybe influence the founders of NulisBuku to grab these seasonal writer and turn them to a professional writer and make serious money out of it. The good thing is, the deal with book author is pretty tempting compared if you land a deal with big conventional publisher. Authors get 60% royalti fee for every book sold, while with conventional you can get 50-50 deal, if you're lucky.

One concern about the Indonesian internet market is that not much of the user is used to buying digital book. That's why NulisBuku decided to go conventional when it comes to publishing the book. Instead of using Digital eBooks like Evolitera, NulisBuku is going to actually publish your writings as an actual book.

The mechanism is pretty simple, all you have to do is to send them your 50 pages script and wait for their approval. What they're going to do is to calculate whether your book is worth to print and sell. The parameters is not so transparent, but if your book got the approval then you can start promoting your books and reap the royalty reward for every sales.

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