P2P Lending Service KreditPro Officially Launched, Targeting Three Thousand Customers from SMEs

Yet to available for institution lenders

Marsya Nabila - 1 March 2019

A p2p lending service KreditPro (PT Tri Digi Finance Indonesia), affiliated with Digiasia Bios group, introduces its service by offering a lending product called "Faedah Komunitas". The product is intended for productive lending with community concept to reduce the risk of bad credit.

KreditPro's Manager of Business Development, Ana Kartika explained, Faedah Komunitas is a capital lending given to business players for SME's development by making a community involving at least 5 to 10 people.

Each member can apply for loan starts from Rp1 million to Rp10 million. Also, various option for tenor up to 12 months and moderate interest of 15%-40% per year.

Collateral is not required. Disbursement and payment are collected through bank transfer or PayPro, cashless. All kinds of businesses can apply for loan to KreditPro

The company guarantee for three days, after the verification process, fund will be transferred to the approved customer's account. "The community was built due to emotional connection and trust among members. In fact, the trust will motivate them to level up in life."

Community is KreditPro's strategy to reduce bad credit. On first layer, the company will go through the financial history, in case of another financial service usage. Next, verify the business risk, whether it's still running, sustainable, and so on.

"Last, doing a background check based on its surrounding. It is to make sure the loans given are in good quality."

There is Area Coordinator team to control all communities in each city. Their other job is to create gathering every month, merely to motivate and provide solutions of all the community complaints.

Hence, KreditPro is currently available in 13 cities around West and East Java. Those are Tangerang, Bandung, Majalengka, Tegal, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Kendal, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Cilacap, and Banyumas.

Since first launching in October 2018, there's now 117 groups of Faedah Komunitas created with 900 members consist of SME players and farmers.

KreditPro's Chief of P2P Lending, Jun Jiao Yeap added, KreditPro is currently not open for individual lenders. He didn't mention the detail for its opening. Meanwhile, funding source comes from institutional lenders.

KreditPro business plan

Kartika added, the team will keep expanding gradually throughout West and East Java. Until the late 2019, they targeting to be available in 45 cities with customers exceeding 3 thousand.

East Java will be approached by next year. He admitted, although the company is not as aggressive as other players, they want to make sure the loan is in good quality in line with company's vision.

Faedah Komunitas might not represent the KreditPro services as a whole. There's still unofficial services, such as bill payment and working capital.

In terms of ecosystem, KreditPro is under Digiasia Bios that focuses on financial services. Its other companies are KasPro, PayPro, BankPro, PoinPro, and RemitPro. All these companies have license and registered either in Bank Indonesia and OJK.

The inter-companies will create an ecosystem that connecting and supporting each other. One example is KasPro, later, there will be Bayar Nanti feature in KasPro app which technology is fully supported by KreditPro.

"The proposition we offered to the market is a whole financial ecosystem. Inter-products in our holding will be completing each other. We won't burn money like any other players," KreditPro's CEO, Adeleheid Helena Bokau said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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