PricePanda Appoints Two New Leaders to Stregthen Its Strategy in Southeast Asia

Rifki Aria Nugraha - 20 November 2014

The positive trend of online shopping shown recently has triggered PricePanda, one of biggest price comparison platforms in Southeast Asia, to apply numerous enhancements to its services. This includes the appointment of two new leaders, renewal of its website, and establishment of its second office in Singapore.

Rocket Internet, PricePanda’s investor, suggested yesterday (19/11) that two new leaders of PricePanda, Robin Steinhaus and Philip Wegener, will be the company’s spearhead in keeping pace with the changes. This is to realize their dream of winning the potential Southeast Asian market.

“Southeast Asia is the most promising market for PricePanda. That’s why we focus our operation there, in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We do really need a price comparison when it comes to shopping, from the perspectives of both buyers and sellers,” Robin Steinhaus claimed.

So far, PricePanda serves around one million unique customers on monthly basis. They access PricePanda generally to look for reliable price comparison before purchasing products like electronics, video games, fashion, and many others.

However, PricePanda’s market is currently still fragmented due to the number of suppliers. That’s why the company decided to re-construct its website in order to give the best browsing experience to the customers as well as accommodate their needs. Now, the website contains the product description, review from experts, and other technical enhancements.

PricePanda’s excellent performance in Southeast Asia has drawn the attention of the company’s executive board. The feedback is the establishment of PricePanda’s second office in Singapore.

“The last two years showed us that there is a need for a trustworthy price comparison website in Southeast Asia. The people here welcomed PricePanda in the best way possible. That’s why we aim to make our presence in Asia become much more visible,” Philip Wegener, who has lived in Singapore for three years, ended.

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