Sinar Mas Land and Mitbana Develop a Smart-Concept TOD in BSD City

It is to encourage BSD City to become a smart city that is integrated and easily accessible from various destinations.

Ilham Sanjaya - 15 September 2020

Sinar Mas Land returns with a new development plan for BSD City by starting a partnership with Mitbana Pte Ltd, a joint venture company between Surbana Jurong and Mitsubishi Corporation. This collaboration aims to develop a transit-oriented development (TOD) with a smart and sustainable concept in BSD City.

Established since March 2019, Mitbana is known as a company that focuses on TOD and city-scale development in Southeast Asia and South Asia countries. This collaboration between Sinar Mas Land and Mitbana will support an integrated TOD-based development that is based on current urban trends, particularly to the current post-pandemic situation. Through this development, the infrastructure created is expected to be able to support the Indonesian government in managing good connectivity for residents and commuters in Jakarta and Tangerang.

In developing BSD City as an Integrated Smart City

Sinar Mas Land started the construction of BSD City in the 1980s until now, it continues to grow with a variety of facilities ranging from commercial centers, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, to convention centers. This collaboration will accelerate the development of residential, commercial, and transportation areas in the city. Michael Widjaja, Sinar Mas Land’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “We welcome the collaboration with Mitbana to advance BSD City into a smart city that is integrated, connected, and accessible from various destinations. Through this partnership, Mitbana will become our largest development partner in BSD City. We hope that this collaboration will provide added value for the residents of BSD City and its surroundings and this project can also become a reference for developing TOD in Indonesia.”

In terms of developing an integrated smart city, BSD City has indeed developed several digital-oriented projects such as the Digital Hub and cloud computing training held at ITSB university. In addition, BSD City has been trusted to host several well-known technology companies, such as the Apple Developer Academy (which is run by Apple with local universities) and Grab (an online transportation company from Singapore).

“Indonesia has brilliant TOD potential in the future as well as a great opportunity for Mitbana. We are passionate about realizing our common vision to become a leading urban development platform through sustainable smart city development. As the world is struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mitbana is looking for relevant methods to answer people’s needs and desires for the environment in the future. Therefore, we are working with Sinar Mas Land to define and provide holistic urban solutions to support communities and improve the business in Indonesia. This development will be divided into several phases which will be presented soon.” Mitbana’s Chief Executive Officer, Gareth Wong added.

In continuing the previous Sinar Mas Land’s strategic partnerships

Mitbana’s collaboration with Sinar Mas Land was performed in line with the previous collaborations between Mitsubishi Corporation, Sinar Mas Land, and Surbana Jurong. This collaboration happens through the development of The Zora area in BSD City, which is an exclusive residential zone that carries smart-home technology. Not only in BSD City, but Sinar Mas Land has also collaborated with Citra Mas to appoint Surbana Jurong in developing the concept of the master plan for the Eco Digital Project in Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands.

As a leading trading company from Japan, Mitsubishi Corporation has experience from various sectors. Mitsubishi Corporation has a comprehensive Urban Development Group in-house team in real estate, infrastructure, leasing, and trade banking worldwide. The developer group has a mission to support large-scale and value-added urban development for social and environmental needs.

Hiroshi Nakanishi, General Manager of Mitsubishi Corporation in Singapore and a member of the Mitbana board said, “As Mitsubishi Corporation, we are pleased to continue to work with Sinar Mas Land through Mitbana in the construction of BSD City. We believe in Indonesia’s development potential which continues to motivate us to provide our best products and technology in this project.”

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